The castle is now listed as a “Remarkable Monument”. Château Saint Ahon was destroyed during the French Revolution. It was rebuilt in the course of Napoleon’s Empire and restored in 1875 by the architect Alphonse Blaquière in Louis XIII’ style. Château Saint Ahon is one of the last wineries in Blanquefort.
In 1985, the Count and Countess Bernard de Colbert, a direct descendant from the famous Louis XIV’s Treasury minister, became the 67th owners of Château Saint Ahon and its vineyard. The winery by then covered 40 hectares of land, including 30 hectares of vine.
In 2003, Françoise and Nicolas Chodron de Courcel, their daughter and son-in-law, left Paris with their children to settle in Saint Ahon. Their intention was to  set new standards in the winery, amidst the difficult context of the wine industry crisis.

Convinced that “only a high-quality vine can produce a high-quality wine” they adapted the winery according to the latest know-hows: parcelling the vineyard, drainage, cultivating with a minimum impact on its natural environment, eco-friendly farm work, as well as thermoregulation, choosing adapted barrels, etc. 10 years later, the High Environmental Value Certification Level 3 rewards our efforts in sustainable agriculture.

The future of Château Saint Ahon also depends on wine tourism!
In 2011, they obtained a Best of Wine Tourism in the category “Reception” for the reception room in 2011 and a Best of Wine Tourism Gold in the category “Discovery and Innovation” to the Jardins de Mirabel’s tour in 2012.


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