Château des Eyrins and Cru Monplaisir are exploited by the vineyards Gonet-Medeville who are at the head of several wineries. Examples include Champagnes with the same name, Château Gilette in Sauternes and Château Respide-Medeville in the Graves appellation.

The winemaking is traditional, with farms that involve vats as well as casks.

Château des Eyrins


The Château des Eyrins is a property on the Margaux appellation, 2.9 hectares deep Graves.

Manual harvesting, vinification in stainless steel tanks with vatting of 21 days.

A breeding: 50% in vats during 18 months and 50% in new barrels during 18 months

Bottling at the property 20 months after the harvest - Production: 1300 cases

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Cru Monplaisir

Bordeaux supérieur

Le Cru Monplaisir is a vineyard located near Margaux appelation, closer to the garonne sandy soils, whose vines are classified in Bordeaux Supérieur.

Le Cru Monplaisir has a small vineyard of 9 hectares divided into 2 plots, one clay-gravelly and the other alluvial. The work in the vineyards is governed by the principles of the fight reasoned that prohibit the use of chemicals for work respectful of the vineyard and the environment. The main variety of this estate is Merlot but also has Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon. The only wine of this domain, the Cru Monplaisir, present in different vintage, is assembled with 75% of Merlot, the rest being, as previously mentioned, Cabernet Sauvignon and Franc. Following a vinification of 18 days and a breeding of 10 months, the result is a wine worthy of the great Bordeaux Superior.

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