The estate Taluau Foltzenlogel has been established in Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil for 3 generations. It is a family property of 30 hectares, 25 ha in AOC Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil and 5 ha in AOC Bourgueil.

This estate has vineyards rooted mainly on hillsides on light slopes facing south. The soils are dominated by clay and limestone. These soils have the particularity of producing very colorful and tannic wines for the appellation. The youngest vines yield fruity and tender wines and the vines from 35 to 80 years old give wines of guard. The harvest is manual or mechanical and the grapes are sorted upon receipt. Vinification and wine aging are done in stainless steel tanks. A simple and accessible estate that takes care of its terroir to develop the most natural wines.

“Here we cultivate pleasure above all else, the pleasure of making wine and the pleasure of sharing.” – Joel Taluau